Microsoft services including Outlook360, Hotmail and Xbox are down

Microsoft services including Outlook, Hotmail and Xbox are down
There appears to be a technical glitch affecting users across the world

BY ALEXANDRA RUCKI 14:35, 7 MAR 2017 UPDATED 19:53, 7 MAR 2017

Microsoft users across the globe are reporting Outlook, Hotmail and Xbox Live are down.

Thousands of email users have complained they cannot log into their accounts and are being left with an error page.

Others have said they are taken to a blank page or have received a message claiming their account does not exist.

Xbox Live players are also reporting similar problems and claim they are struggling to log into their accounts.

The problem appears to be affecting those with Microsoft accounts across the world.

It is unclear what the issues is, with the internet giant yet to give an explanation.

Many frustrated internet users have blasted Microsoft for not responding to their complaints.

Georgia Hall tweeted: “Your servers are down...please address this as a whole, not each one as individual problems! Hope to get his fixed asap!”

Another user wrote: “The same, it’s happening to me, it says my account does not exist...”

Matthew Milam posted: “I can’t login to Outlook either. After putting in my password, it goes nowhere but to a blank screen.”

Another Facebook user wrote: “It seems that Microsoft services are experiencing some outage right now.”

A Microsoft spokesperson said: "We are aware of reports that some users are having difficulty signing in to some services. We are investigating this issue."

Microsoft later commented that the issue had been resolved. But as of 7.30pm there were customers still complaining they could not log into their email accounts.


  1. 1. After tapping on getting Started (if new user), open the menu and tap Settings > Add Account > Add Email Account.
    2. After you type your email address in the box, click on Continue.
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    4. Now, you can give the Outlook app permissions like access to your calendar, access to contacts, etc.
    5. Setup complete! You may now use the Outlook app on Android.
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