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Criminals and cyber bullies to be banned from the web

Criminals who commit offenses online and cyber bullies will be banned from the Internet as part of the Government’s new cyber security strategy, announced today. By Christopher Williams, Technology Correspondent 25 Nov 2011 It calls for police and courts to make more use of existing “cyber sanctions” to restrict access to the social networks and instant messaging services in cases of hacking, fraud and online bullying. Sex offenders and those convicted of harassment or anti-social behavior also face more internet restrictions under the new strategy. Similar orders have been imposed on those charged with involvement in a series of cyber attacks by the Anonymous and LulzSec groups earlier this year, while they await trial. Cyber sanctions were also used following the riots this summer. Two teenagers in Dundee were banned from the web for inciting riots via Facebook. Officials are now looking into whether "cyber tag" technology could be used to monitor offenders and repo

Video: Kill the demon copyright law from hell!

By Molly Wood, Executive Editor, The Buzz Report, cnet Rise up and slay SOPA before it can suck the entire Web down with it! Also in buzz-worthy news this week, the Kindle Fire is for nerds and grandmas both. Who knew? Watch the video:

Insight: In Iowa, farmland boom means end of an era for many

By PJ Huffstutter IOWA FALLS, Iowa | Mon Nov 21, 2011 10:08am EST (Reuters) - It took just 31 minutes for Donald Ellingson's family to end an agrarian tradition that had survived more than a half-century, by auctioning off 153 acres of rich Iowa farmland. Five years after their father's death, Ellingson's three children had grown weary of the demands of running a farm. Their tenant farmer had retired, and finding a new one was tough. The youngest of them was 60 -- too old, they agreed, to return to a life of risky finances and long work days. Combines and corn were not part of the lives of Donald's eight grandchildren or his 14 great-grandchildren. They live far from here. And given land prices these days, the family agreed it was the right time to let the past go. "I think dad would be fine with us selling the land," said Diane Guerrttman, 60, who lives in Wyoming and works with at-risk children. Across the Midwest, the dizzying surge in rural land pr

10 Things Entrepreneurs Don’t Learn in College

By JAMES ALTUCHER  posted on November 12th, 2011 I’ve written before on 10 reasons Parents Should Not Send Their Kids to College and here is also Eight Alternatives to College but it’s occurred to me that the place where college has really hurt me the most was when it came to the real world, real life, how to make money, how to build a business, and then even how to survive when trying to build my business, sell it, and be happy afterwards. Here are the ten things that if I had learned them in college I probably would’ve saved/made millions of extra dollars, not wasted years of my life, and maybe would’ve even saved lives because I would’ve been so smart I would’ve been like an X-Man. 1. How to Program. I spent $100,000 of my own money (via debt, which I paid back in full) majoring in Computer Science. I then went to graduate school in computer science. I then remained in an academic environment for several years doing various computer programming jobs. Finally I hit the real wor