Google-Facebook duopoly now commands 80% of ad market

Google-Facebook duopoly now commands 80% of ad market

On 01/24/2019 @ 9:03 am

If you think the internet is under the control of Big Tech now, it’s going to get much worse this year, reports a State of Digital Media White Paper.

Consolidation of revenue continues, with Amazon, Microsoft, Oath, Twitter and Snap spending $29 billion, compared to Google-Facebook spending a staggering $169 billion in 2018.

With this blatantly left-leaning cartel totally dominating the digital advertising market with boycotts and blacklisting, it’s more bad news for free speech and the free press.

And that’s not the end of the story, according to the report. Over the next five years, this cabal’s growth is projected to grow in double-digits over the next five years – “making life miserable for everyone else, particularly publishers,” says the report.

Other highlights, or lowlights, of the report, depending on your point of view:

·        Digital will encompass 50 percent of all ad spending in 2022.
·        80 percent of all digital ad spend will go to the duopoly and next five years.
·        The rest of the digital market will decline by 11 percent this year

“If this is not the time for government to reign in this cartel to maintain freedom of speech in the most important communications market in the world, I don’t know when it might be,” said Joseph Farah, the internet pioneer who founded the first independent online publishing concern in 1997 and who has been warning of disaster imposed by what he calls “the speech code cabal.”

“This is a national emergency,” says Farah. “It cannot be ignored any longer without grave consequences to free speech, the free press, freedom of religion and free elections.”


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