Robot developed that helps you vote, AI taken too far?

AI that can tell you how to vote – ‘Nigel’ knows what’s best for you

Robot developed that helps you vote, AI taken too far?


Scientists from Kimera Systems have developed a robot that will be able to help users make political decisions.

The robot named ‘Nigel’ uses artificial intelligence (AI) to become aware of its user’s life and utilise the information by offering advice to user’s including how to vote.

Mounir Shita hopes Nigel will be able to assist with voting by next year.

Unlike other AI robots Nigel programmes itself as it goes, rather than teach itself how to perform and effectively carry out tasks. It works solely on how the user is themselves, for example if they offer traits of a left wing supporter he will adapt to that life style.

However, Nigel will offer alternative advice if it thinks that certain aspects of the user ‘don’t add up’ based on different algorithms from its system, prompting them to make a different decision. The robot is described as the first human like artificial intelligence to date.

The newly developed AI system is aware of personal needs and understands their day-to-day routines and the activities they carry out. Using all this, Nigel will programme itself and operate independently.

Speaking to BBC Mounir Shita, founder of Kimera Systems, said: “Nigel tries to figure you out; your goals and what reality looks like to you and is consistently assimilating paths to the future to reach your goals. It’s constantly trying to push you in the right direction.”

Instead of working to a goal, Nigel connects information together to form a logical conclusion about a person and their life and advises future decisions based on this. Designers at Kimera Systems believe that one day Nigel will be able to inform political decisions on users, although this is still a way off.

Shita said: “Our goal is by this time next year, have Nigel read and write and at grade school level. Then hopefully it will gain enough knowledge to be able to assist you in political discussions and elections.”

Developed by Portland, Orgeon based company Kimera Systems, Nigel was launched in August 2016 across the US, Europe, Africa and Asia and is now available on all Android devices.


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