Siri's biggest rival: Is it better?

October 6, 2014

Siri's biggest rival: Is it better?


Apple users have been spoiled for a while now with Siri, the voice-recognition smartphone assistant. But, there's an awesome app out there for Android and Windows phones that rivals Siri and even has some features the Apple app doesn't provide.

This great app can do the basics like find restaurants and coffee shops near you and give you maps that show you how to get there. Need to text someone? No problem. Just say "text" and the contact's name followed by your message to send a text without typing a word.

You can even set an alarm for yourself just by telling it to wake you up tomorrow at 6 a.m. It also makes updating social media easy by letting you make posts to Facebook and Twitter using just your voice. You can even check sports scores in real time and get the latest updates on your stock portfolio.

It's perfect if you don't like an app that talks back. Unlike Siri, it silently executes your commands without any robotic conversation. Siri's answers can be helpful and even funny sometimes, though, so you're missing out on that.

But, most of those features are covered by Siri and other voice assistants, too. So, why is Maluuba so special?

Maluuba's developers have created a natural language processor that they say outperforms the competition. It can turn out more accurate and in-depth results. It analyzes more parts of your search request to make sure the results are exactly what you're looking for.

The developers even created a YouTube video to demonstrate the areas where their voice recognition comes out on top.

It also uses a contextual approach when handling your searches. That means it actually uses your phone's GPS, contacts and even language settings to return the best results.

But, that's not all. It can also help you shop online. Just by say something like "Find me jeans that cost around $30." Maluuba will then scour the Internet to fulfill your request. You can even get more specific by searching for the exact brands you want.

Those are some very cool features that really transform your phone into a personal assistant. But, is it really better than Siri? If you're an Android or a Windows user compare it with your Apple friends and let me know.


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