Can a headband app calm you down?

Can a headband app calm you down?


Mashable's senior tech correspondent sits alone in the newsroom. On Samantha Kelly Murphy's forehead sits a $300 headband. It restrains none of her hair but connects wirelessly to an app on her phone. That app professes to calm Murphy's breathing, body, and brain as much as 30 minutes of yoga in just three minutes of headband time.

"It kind of looks like Google Glass when you put it on," she says.

While its app tells me to think of as many languages or presidents as I can, Muse says the sensors on this headband monitor my brain waves to determine how I think.

"I was kind of skeptical what would happen in just three minutes, but I did actually feel a noticeable difference afterwards," Murphy says.

While Muse asks Murphy to stare at a beach scene and count her breaths, it also may represent the next wave of wearable technology.

"A new trend in wearables that help you relax," Murphy says.

But that is if you don't stress yourself out waiting for your phone to connect to your headband.

"Everybody wants to get on you -- whether it's your wrist or your brain now or your head," Murphy says.


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