Microsoft Issues Stunning Blow To Chrome With Bold New Browser Moves

Microsoft Issues Stunning Blow To Chrome With Bold New Browser Moves

Kate O'FlahertyJun 21, 2020,06:26am EDT
Microsoft Edge is quickly growing in popularity. It’s already the number two browser behind Google’s Chrome, with many people seeing it as a secure and functional alternative.
This week, Edge has made a raft of moves and added a bunch of new features that aim to grab more share from Chrome as the browser wars heat up.
The first major Edge move is a welcome surprise in the Windows 10 May 2020 Update that will hugely improve the performance of your device. In tests so far, devices on the May 2020 Update are showing a memory usage reduction of up to 27% when browsing with Microsoft Edge, the browser’s principal PM manager, Kim Denny wrote in a blog this week.
Google’s Chrome is based on the same Chromium based engine, and it suffers from huge issues with memory usage. The news is that Chrome may grab this feature too, albeit only in Windows 10.  
Microsoft does note in its update that this isn’t for enterprise devices, and that Windows 7 support ended in January this year. And Microsoft isn’t forcing you to use the browser—Edge will be pinned to the task bar and add a shortcut to the desktop. It won’t change your default browser or replace Explorer.

Extension-based improvements

Another cool change to Edge is a big update to the extensions store that makes it easier to navigate. The redesign addresses concerns highlighted by users around discovery and usability, Microsoft said in a blog post. 
Last but not least in a related change, there is now another way to add a cool new feature to Edge, albeit not directly in the browser itself. Available in the previous Edge version and now in the new browser via an extension from the Edge add-ons store, the ‘Set Aside’ tabs feature does exactly what it says—you can set aside tabs and start a new session on the browser. You can access these whenever you want.

Microsoft Edge as a secure Chrome alternative 

Microsoft’s revamped Edge only dropped a couple of months ago, but it has been launching new features thick and fast to rival Google Chrome. As part of this, it has added a bunch of working from home features to make your experience using the browser for work and leisure more seamless and secure.
There are certainly a lot of cool features that either beat or bring Edge on a par with Chrome. So if you’re a Google Chrome user, and you’re looking for a secure but functional alternative with a similar feel, why not try Edge out?


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