Microsoft Issues New Strike To Chrome With This Stunning Browser Move

Microsoft Issues New Strike To Chrome With This Stunning Browser Move

Kate O'FlahertyCybersecurity EDITORS' PICK|Jun 7, 2020,06:09am EDT
Microsoft has just issued a new strike to Google Chrome by handing its recently launched Edge browser to all Windows 10 users via Windows Update. In a stunning move that will bring Edge to millions of users, it will be available on Windows 10 versions 1803, 1809,1903 and 1909, according to Microsoft.
Google’s Chrome is by far the leading browser in terms of marketshare, but Microsoft’s new Edge, which is based on the same Chromium based browser engine, is already in the number two position. Edge replaces Internet Explorer but packs a far bigger punch than its predecessor, with multiple new features that aim to take a slice of Google Chrome’s share.

Concerns over Google Chrome’s security and privacy 

Google Chrome is used by two thirds of all web users, but concerns remain over its security and privacy. Google is already aware of the challenge it faces, and introduced some new features last month to try to address this.
Because Edge is based on the same Chromium browser Engine as Chrome, the two have a similar appeal, but the latter might be preferred by those who are trying to avoid Google products.
Edge certainly seems to have some cool security credentials, but remember, it isn’t proven on the privacy front. A recent study found the browser was sending device identifiers and web browsing pages to back end servers. 
It’s a bit irritating to say the least—and Edge needs to up its game on the privacy front to truly compete with Chrome. But the move to place Edge straight into users’ hands, rather than wait for them to download the browser, could help to increase its share significantly. 


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