Boston Dynamic's humanoid robot Atlas showcases jawdropping agility with gymnastics routine

Humanoid robot showcases jawdropping agility with gymnastics routine

The humanoid has been programmed to perform an impressive routine including a 360-degree mid-air twist
By Katy Gill Video News Reporter 11:07, 25 SEP 2019wcase Atlas' robot gymnastics
Boston Dynamics showcase the agility of their Atlas robot by performing a gymnastics routine involving jumping, twisting and rolling.

Boston Dynamic's humanoid robot Atlas has been filmed performing an impressive gymnastic routine showcasing the machine’s uncanny fluidity of movement.
In the video, the robot, which starts in the standing position, bends down onto all fours.

The machine then gambols forward twice. Once it reaches the end, the robot turns around before jumping into another role.
Throughout the routine, the robot displays uncanny fluid of movement and extremely impressive stability


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