Harley-Davidson unveils upcoming electric bicycle lineup

Harley-Davidson unveils upcoming electric bicycle lineup

August 22, 2019

In addition to launching an all-electric motorcycle, Harley-Davidson has a series of battery-powered city bicycles in the works.

Over a year ago, Harley-Davidson announced that they had some electric bicycle projects up their sleeve and, until yesterday, the company had only revealed electric micro-transportation model concepts. According to Electrek, H-D used this year's Annual Dealer's Meeting yesterday to officially unveil three model prototypes of their upcoming e-bicycle line.
While two will require riders to step over the top tube, a third does not have the component, making it easier for users to mount the bike. All three appear to have a battery located along the down tube. The cushy tires on all models look to offer riders a relaxed city biking experience.
The company states that their "first electric pedal-assist bicycles are light, fast, and easy for anyone to ride" in urban environments. Essentially, this is another type of vehicle that Harley-Davidson has created to widen their audience reach in a world where traffic congestion and vehicle emissions are looked down upon by an increasingly environmentally conscious population.
Because the three models that have been unveiled are prototypes, the final product is likely at least several months from commercial production. Considering that it took their electric Livewire motorcycle over four years to launch after a concept was unveiled, the release of Harley-Davidson's electric bicycles could still be a few years away.


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