Planet of the APPS! Chimpanzee ‘figures out’ how to use an iPhone to scroll through videos and photographs


·       JD Durkin from Queens, New York shared the video of the cellphone 
·       Mr Durkin told his followers on Twitter about his concerns over the advance
·       The chimpanzee appeared to be consciously scrolling through the photos 
According to the Infinite Monkey Theorem, if you give enough apes sufficient time and plenty of typewriters, then they should be able to rattle out the complete works of William Shakespeare. 
However, one chimpanzee appears determined to get a head start on his simian friends by picking up an iPhone and trying to master a few of the more basic features. 
The one-minute-long experiment prompted excited internet users to share footage of the  inquisitive chimpanzee. 
JD Durkin from Queens, New York, who posted the footage expressed his concern over the prospect of technologically advanced apes. 

He added: 'An ape figuring out how to use a smartphone is the beginning of the end for us idiots.' 
The chimpanzee appears to have mastered the ability to swipe through different photographs, but fortunately does not appear to know how to properly frame an image or switch between still and video modes. 
The chimpanzee, pictured, appeared to show great concentration while using the handset


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