Is a robot about to take Your job? Shock study reveals Surge in AI developer Hiring

‘Don’t panic!’ Is a robot about to take YOUR job? Shock study reveals AI SURGE

INCREASING numbers of big employers, including Microsoft and Facebook are recruiting robots to positions within their companies, a new survey has revealed, amid claims artificial intelligence (AI) will replace 40 percent of jobs in the next 15 years.

By CIARAN MCGRATH 16:33, Sat, Feb 16, 2019
And a leading AI specialist has said the trend is set to continue throughout the 21st century as companies become increasingly reliant on cutting-edge technology. RS Components analysed job posts from some of the world’s biggest tech companies to discover which had the highest percentage of AI-related job openings, with Microsoft leading the way with 1,964 AI job openings - equivalent to 36 percent of the total jobs they have on offer. US-based Nvidia, which designs graphics processing units for video games, followed in second place with 837 of AI job openings, equating to 33 percent.

Facebook and Netflix also made it into the top 10 with the former offering 191 jobs in AI, six percent of the total, and Netflix offering 35, again equalling six percent.

An RS Components spokesman said: “A former Google Exec has predicted that AI will replace 40 per cent of jobs in the next 15 years.

“The Google Exec stated that AI will allow entire new industries to be built from the ground up with automation in mind.

“AI will be cheaper than human employees. However, it will also create new roles, as well as replace current ones.

“It’s very visible that technological sectors are now prioritising the implementation of AI in their everyday workforce.”

Nikolas Kairinos, CEO and Founder of, which specialises in the development and integration of AI solutions to enhance organisations’ products and services, said: “It should come as no surprise that big tech companies are increasing their number of AI-related jobs.

“We can see that the companies listed in the research are already using different types of AI-technology to improve the way they engage with their users and customers.”

Google’s translation service, for example, uses AI tools such as machine learning and natural language processes to provide real-time translations, he explained.

He added: “This should not be a call for panic".

“While workforces are looking to embrace what AI has to offer, we are still a long way off from a world of cyborgs and robots commonly shown in the movies".

“As with any new technological trend or invention, people often fear the worst-case scenario when this often proves not to be the case".

“AI is making us better at our jobs, removing the need for us to complete menial and time-consuming tasks to instead focus on other more important or creative things".

“What’s more, the demand for AI tools is actually creating jobs.

“And importantly, while AI can perform a task well, it still needs to be told what to do, meaning humans are likely to play a central role in the way AI tools functions".

“Over the next decade, I believe it’s important that we improve people’s knowledge of AI, ensuring businesses and consumers are aware of its practical application".

“Instead of scaremongering about robots stealing jobs, we ought to be excited that the next wave of innovation is coming, which has the potential to improve the lives of people around the world.”


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