Mob That Stalked Tucker Carlson Was Allowed Back On Twitter...


By Amber Athey 10:11 AM 11/14/2018

Smash Racism DC, the group that organized a mob outside of Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s home last week, broke Twitter policy to create a new account after they were suspended by the social media platform.

Twitter suspended Smash Racism DC, which was previously operating under the handle “@SmashRacismDC” after they posted tweets containing Carlson’s address and video of a mob screaming threats outside of Carlson’s home. The account was later suspended again for ban evasion.

Carlson, also a Daily Caller co-founder, said his wife was home alone at the time and thought she was the victim of a home invasion.

The group’s new account is still named “Smash Racism DC” and has the same profile picture but uses the handle “@DCAgainstRacism.”

The account was created sometime in November and has about 50 followers. It has retweeted five other Antifa-related accounts but has no original tweets.

Twitter’s rules state that “Accounts created to replace or mimic suspended accounts may be permanently suspended. We may also remove accounts which Twitter is able to reliably attribute to entities known to violate the Twitter Rules.”

Fox News’s account, which has 18.2 million followers, has not tweeted in six days to protest Twitter’s handling of Smash Racism DC’s initial suspension. Fox reportedly complained to Twitter about the account, but instead of immediately removing the inappropriate content, Twitter insisted Fox open a support ticket.

Twitter did not initially take action against Smash Racism DC until The Daily Caller News Foundation reached out for comment on the threatening and doxxing posts.

Fox News has not clarified what it hopes to gain from the protest or how long the protest will last.

Twitter did not respond to a request for comment on Smash Racism DC’s new account.

UPDATE (1:57 PM): The @DCAgainstRacism account has been suspended since publication of this article.


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