Robots &AI to end manual labour and put half of world out of work in the next 10 to 20 years - global crisis

Robots to end manual labour and put half of world out of work in global crisis

Artificial intelligence will soon be widespread in the workforce
By Lucy Domachowski News Reporter in Yerevan 22:32, 7 OCT 2019 UPDATED15:41, 8 OCT 2019
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Robots will make half of the world's workforce redundant in the next 10 to 20 years in a global unemployment crisis, an AI expert has claimed.


Top US futurist Martin Ford said automaton will soon be widespread, with all low-skilled jobs replaced by robots.
Ford, who focuses on the impact of AI and robotics on the job market, warned we need to be ready for widespread global unemployment.
He acknowledges the "long record of false alarms," but argues that this time is different.
The pace of automation, he says, is no longer linear, but exponential, like the growth in computing capacity predicted by Moore's Law.
The economy, Ford says, will not have time to create new professions to absorb the tens of millions of workers displaced by automation.

"My primary concern is that as AI and machine learning and robotics advance, a huge fraction of the jobs and tasks currently performed in the economy are going to be susceptible to automation," he told the World Congress on Information Technology in Armenia today.


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