Bombshell: Google Exec Caught on Hidden Camera Reveals Meddling in 2020 Elections

Bombshell: Google Exec Caught on Hidden Camera Reveals Meddling in 2020 Elections


By  Avi Abelow   

This should rock the foundations of the hi-tech world. Google should be punished, if not by the government then by the public. This is outright premeditated meddling by Google to influence the upcoming elections and stop President Trump from being reelected.
Where is the outcry? It is finally being exposed by Google employees themselves!
Already two years ago it was clear to me that this was happening. I called it the post-Trump election purge. Right after the 2016 elections, hi-tech executives at Google, Facebook and Twitter were issuing comments blaming themselves for Trump’s election win. Why were they blaming themselves?
Because they said that they “allowed fake news” to spread to spread and it was based on the fake news that people voted for Trump. Now listen to the full video about the Google expose and don’t miss the Google insider explain how Google manipulates the search algorithm so people won’t find links for Hillary Clinton emails, because Google deemed it a conspiracy theory! Who allowed Google to decide for the whole world what is a conspiracy or not and to judge that it should be “hidden” from the public?
This is just the tip of the iceberg of what Google, Facebook and Twitter are doing to censor conservative voices, videos, accounts etc. in order to shape the public discourse and harm Trump’s chances of reelection.
We have experienced this with our accounts that share the truth about Israel and the dangers that jihadi/sharia Islam pose to the freedom loving world.
Whether one is a Trump supporter or not, this is an extremely scary development that should shock everybody. Self appointed “social justice warriors” are deciding for the whole world what we should see and listen to.
This must be stopped ASAP! If the government doesn’t stop it, then we the people must make our voices heard and stop using these platforms. It is not easy, but that is the only way to stop them from controlling our future.

Full Expose with Google Insider Revealing All

BREAKING: Google insider admits YouTube routinely suppresses PragerU videos.
PragerU issued the following message today in response to this bombshell video where a Google Insider names PragerU as targeted for censorship by Google/YouTube:
A shocking new video released today exposes how Google/YouTube routinely uses its algorithm to suppress conservative content, namely videos from PragerU and Dave Rubin.
A Google insider told Project Veritas that PragerU videos receive “heightened analysis,” and the artificial intelligence program, Viacon, polices distribution singling PragerU videos out, among others.
This is deeply concerning.
As the exposé reveals, Google is manipulating its algorithms to suppress content specifically from conservatives. Instead of being a platform for all ideas, as it claims to be, Google is now becoming the arbiter of truth, preventing millions of Americans from seeing content that presents a conservative point of view.
This is pure bias, and a step towards eliminating the freedom of speech online.
YouTube/Google currently restricts over 100 PragerU videos, labeling them as “dangerous” and, at times, derogatory content. The tech company also prevents PragerU from monetizing many videos.
However, we are fighting back.
PragerU has a court date in our lawsuit against Google scheduled for August 27th in the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. The outcome of this case is critical, and it will determine the future of the freedom of speech online for conservatives.


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