To celebrate Pi Day, listen to Don McLean’s “American Pie” rewritten by AI

To celebrate Pi Day, listen to Don McLean’s “American Pie” rewritten by robots

BY MELISSA LOCKER  03.14.19 11:09 AM
To celebrate Pi Day this year, Amadeus Code has composed a brand new song called “We Started Singing.”
While that sounds like a weird way to celebrate Pi Day (although, who doesn’t start singing at the very thought of pie?), there’s a reason this is an appropriate homage. To make this song, Amadeus Code, the A.I.-fueled songwriting assistant that takes data from centuries of music to help songwriters create their own compositions, took Don McLean’s 1972 classic “American Pie” and transformed it into an original, yet somewhat recognizable tune.
They slowed down the beats per minute, extended the notes, and tapped into some of the 99,750^1,619,558 (exponent 1,619,558) combinations of melodies that Amadeus Code AI is capable of creating. The result is something that could easily work on, say, a sport deodorant commercial or at the next Eurovision.
One thing you may notice in the song is the severe lack of lyrics. That’s because Amadeus Code doesn’t write lyrics. You can either sing “Bye, bye, Miss American Pie” over it karaoke-style, or head to the Song Lyrics Generator to complete the track–and then sing over it karaoke-style.


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