Apple Rumored to be Developing Massive Head-Up Display

Apple Rumored to be Developing Massive Head-Up Display

By Stephen Elmer Aug 13, 2015

Apple Rumored to be Developing Massive Head-Up Display
Apple is reportedly developing a new head-up display system that will span nearly the entire windshield.

The massive 27- to 50-inch wide display is “very likely” to enter production, tech analyst Chip Chowdhry told the Washington Post. It would go beyond other head-up displays as well by offering gesture controls thanks to a set of sensors wired to the windshield.

Before you get too excited though, Apple declined to comment on the program while Chowdhry went on to say that the launch of this technology “does not seem imminent.” If Apple does develop this system, it could also be adopted by other devices such as TVs.

Apple is said to be working on its own self-driving vehicle, which would be a logical place for this system to appear, though its possible Apple would act as a supplier to other automakers. Having the large display in front of you would be especially useful if the vehicle is driving itself, even though head-up displays are designed to keep your eyes on the road to minimize distraction.

Jaguar Land Rover recently showed a concept version of its “virtual windscreen” which is able to display information onto the windshield in real time, appearing in 3D on the road in front of you thanks to eye-tracking technology. Supplier Continental has also developed a similar system (seen above) which makes the graphics appear as though they are on the road in front of you.


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