Free VPN to surf anonymously and protect your privacy

September 1, 2014

Free VPN to surf anonymously and protect your privacy

What do you think about this?
Digital security is more important than it's ever been. Hacks and other digital attacks are on the rise, and to no one's surprise the NSA is snooping as much as ever.
So what will it take to keep your information safe? There's no substitute for a strong firewall, a tough anti-virus, a malicious software removal tool, and good Web-surfing habits.
While these security measures are essential ways to keep your computer safe, there are other ways to increase your security.
A Virtual Private Network, or VPN, is another way to increase your anonymity online. A VPN can keep you from leaving a digital footprint on your online travels. It makes you virtually invisible to bad guys and malicious viruses online.
CyberGhost is a secure VPN, a lot like Tor, that keeps you anonymous online. It hides your computer's IP address and replaces it with one of your choice, from anywhere around the world.
CyberGhost also encrypts your connection as an extra step to keep your email address, credit cards and other personal information hidden from snoops. And the websites you visit won't know where you've come from.
Note: While CyberGhost doesn't store your personal information, it will not stop you from getting caught if you use it for illegal activities. So, only use it for legal surfing.
You can use the free version of CyberGhost for basic protection, but it will automatically disconnect after three hours and you'll have to reconnect. You can upgrade to a paid version to get unlimited connections, and more features like smartphone and tablet protection, starting at $6 a month.
You will also need to create an account with CyberGhost to log in if you decide to upgrade to a paid account. CyberGhost claims that it does not store your personal information.
If you want more information about how to stay safe in the digital world, visit mySecurity Center
 for tips, programs and other resources.

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