How to Find a Public Bathroom in the U.S.

How to Find a Public Bathroom in the U.S.
July 17, 2014 3:23 pm by Patricia Magaña

It's not something most people take into consideration when planning a day of travel, but it's something each one of us does every day—several times a day, actually. When nature calls, locating a loo—quickly—is crucial. We did the research, so all you have to do is go. Here are three apps that will help you locate a public bathroom wherever your travels take you in the U.S.

Where to Wee

Restroom facilities are never far away with the Where to Wee app. This is easily one of the most comprehensive lists of restrooms available, and it's no surprise, because the app developers cleverly partnered with Cintas Corporation, a company that stocks more than a million businesses with bathroom supplies. Cintas' expertise in the field also gives the company the privilege of honoring the most-proper loo with the highly coveted America's Best Restroom Award.

The Where to Wee app provides its info in map and list form, and it also permits users to rate by cleanliness, soap and toilet tissue availability, and odor. The facilities' business addresses and types are also extremely helpful. It's easy to scan the list, which is color coded, to find the cleanest restrooms in your location.

Where to Wee is free on Android and Apple.


The makers of Charmin toilet tissue know a thing or two about their customers' needs, and they've created one of the most useful toilet-locator apps on the market, SitOrSquat.

SitOrSquat finds the closest toilets to your location and then indicates on the map a green toilet paper roll for sanitary conditions ("sit") or a red roll to indicate unsanitary toilets ("squat").

Listings can be filtered to display those with handicap access, those with changing tables, those that are complimentary, and only the "sits." The names of the businesses are included, as are the addresses, and the app links up with your phone's GPS to provide directions. Users can also add new restroom sites and leave comments.

SitOrSquat is free on Android and Apple.


ToiletFinder claims to have the world's largest public database of restrooms (60,000 facilities). Its database is user generated and relies upon the public to report crucial information about available restrooms.

The app quickly generates a list of the closest restrooms to a location, both in list and map form. Adding a bathroom to the database is quick and easy. However, ToiletFinder does not list the name of the business in which the facility is located, a significant weakness compared to Where to Wee and SitOrSquat.

ToiletFinder is free on Android and Apple.


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