Thinking about shifting to an iPad or iPhone to run your business?

By Ken Garen, CPA
TechWise eBlogger on

If you are in a public accounting practice and thinking about shifting to an iPad or iPhone to run your business, you might want to think again.  These technologies are overrated for use in the accounting industry.  When working at a client’s office, accountants will have access to a computer, or they can access the client’s network or via some WIFI service using a reasonably low weight notebook or laptop and get all the access they need and have the convenience of using a keyboard as well.
For accountants, the only aspects the iPad and iPhone and the mobility they provide is good for is getting emails and text messages while you are out and about.  Personally, I would recommend an android for those purposes. IDC released its own forecasts for the 2015 smartphone market  and projected that the android would secure 45.4 percent of the market.
If you were traveling to areas where the weight of what you were carrying is a priority, having an iPad or iPhone could be of benefit if you only need to browse the internet; however, a huge drawback for the public accountant is that they do not have a keyboard, which makes it much harder to enter data.  If you are running a retail business or restaurant, smart phone technology (iPhone and Android) can be a great marketing tools, because you can send marketing information directly to passersby offering them a discount or other incentives for coming into your store, you might post a QR code on your door, allowing people to use their supported phone to get an extra special promotion.
Public accountants primarily work in their office, at a client’s office, or from home.  All of these locations will have a computer, featuring a bigger monitor, a keyboard and mouse, which makes the computer the far superior tool for an accountant.  With any computer you can use remote access tools from home or clients office such as LogMeIn or GoToMyPC to get all at of the resources that are on your office server in a convenient, comfortable and secure fashion.


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