Netflix Lets You Downgrade Video Quality So You Don't Hit Bandwidth Caps

With providers like AT&T and Comcast adding on limits to how much bandwidth you can use per month, Netflix has rolled out a feature that lets you downgrade the streaming video quality so you don't use as much data and incur overages.

After you're logged into your Netflix account, just go into and select from one of three options. "Good quality" at up to .3 GB per hour, "Better quality" at up to .7 GB per hour, and "Best" at up to 1GB per hour or up to 2.3GB/hr for HD.

Recently AT&T added on a 150 GB cap for DSL users and a 250 GB cap for U-Verse customers. Users still report getting a blank page when they try to look at the "bandwidth meter" promise by AT&T, but if you're a heavy Netflix and data user and start to see fees for overages on your bill, downgrading your Netflix stream could help you stay under the threshold.


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