Facebook loses 1.5 million users in Canada

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Is Facebook's reign as the king of social networking coming to an end?

Facebook, known for its meteoric rise in popularity, lost 1.5 million users in Canada in May. Facebook also reported a loss of approximately 6 million users in the United States in the same month.

Overall, Facebook gained 13.9 million users in April, and 11.8 million users in May - compared to a typical month in 2010 where the company gained 20 million users per month on average.

A report published Monday morning on mashable.com says that if this slowing trend continues for two consecutive months, it could be a significant indicator for Facebook's future.

Despite the slowed growth in North America, Facebook continues to dominate the social networking world, having reached 687 million active monthly users by the beginning of June 2011. The majority of new users are from countries that are late in adopting Facebook, such as India, Brazil, and Mexico.

We want to know what you think. Are you one of the 1.5 million Canadians that quit Facebook in May? Vote in our poll.

Are you "over" Facebook?
Yes, I think the hype is over, BUT I am not going to quit.
Yes, I am totally over Facebook. I'm out!
No, I use Facebook every day, it's still really useful.
No, I am a die-hard Facebook fan.

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