Employees on the Las Vegas strip fear being replaced by robots - Union is worried

Employees on the Las Vegas strip fear being replaced by robots

Union is worried robots could one day replace human workers in Las Vegas.

Thursday, October 11, 2018 05:15PM

LAS VEGAS, Nevada -- Robots are taking over, but not the evil kind. These robots can get you a mixed drink or do your bidding for you.

From a customer service robot greeting guests at the Waldorf Astoria to two new butler robots at Vdara and two housekeeping robots at the renaissance.

"These two robots are actually the greatest robots that I've ever seen. They are mixing, they are dancing and they are doing great stuff," one tourist told KSNV.

It's a novelty for now, but some are worried technology could one day phase out human workers and they want safeguards put in place now.

The Culinary Union is currently undergoing negotiations, and one of their main focuses is technology and how automated jobs will effect members working along the strip.

Culinary Union member Miguel Regalido says these robots are taking jobs from real people.

"We want to make sure that it does not affect any union members out there," said Regalido.

The Culinary Union hopes to take steps to make sure their members have job security. They want employers to re-train and re-place any person whose job is eliminated by technology or automation.

"If they don't get trained on a different task by the company who's implementing the technology, what are they going to do?" said Regalido.

The hotels and casino managers commenting on the matter say they don't intend on replacing real people with robots, and their services depend on human interaction and customer service.

However, the Culinary Union would rather be safe than sorry. They want measures in place to protect their people.


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