Poll: Conservatives Leaving Facebook

Poll: Conservatives Leaving Facebook

By Jason Devaney Wednesday, 29 August 2018 04:52 PM

Many conservatives are either abandoning their use of Facebook or considering doing so because they think the social media company is censoring conservative voices, a new poll found.

Results from the Media Research Center-sponsored survey:

·        More than 45 percent of conservatives said they have left Facebook or are considering leaving it.
·        7.5 percent of conservatives said they left Facebook because it was censoring right-leaning views.
·        24.8 percent said they are considering leaving Facebook because of the company's censorship of conservatives.
·        13 percent said they left Facebook or are considering doing so for a reason other than censorship.
·        66.1 percent said they do not trust Facebook to treat all of its users equally, no matter their politics.
·        66.9 said they have less trust in Facebook than they did one year ago.
·        64.6 percent said social media companies are censoring conservatives and right-leaning views on their platforms.

"These numbers are devastating to any CEO responsible for addressing the concerns of his customer base," Media Research Center president Brent Bozell said. "According to this survey, 7 percent of conservatives have already left Facebook and another 25 percent are seriously considering it. That's nearly one-third (32 percent) of conservatives on Facebook — potentially tens of millions of consumers.

"To make matters worse, two-thirds of conservative Facebook users trust Facebook less than they did a year ago. These trends should set off alarm bells at Facebook headquarters. They are bleeding a major customer base."

Facebook and other social media companies have come under fire over claims they are trying to silence conservative voices. President Donald Trump accused Google this week of rigging search results against him.

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