AI will allow humans to ‘communicate via TELEPATHY’

AI will allow humans to ‘communicate via TELEPATHY’

HUMANS may soon be able to communicate without speaking a word as a leading tech company develops “brain augmentation”.

By Rachel O'Donoghue / Published 14th December 2017

Kernel – a business set up last year – is developing technology that would give people super-intelligence like never seen before.

Bryan Johnson, who founded the company, presented the idea of a “brain-computer interface”, which will also allow us to communicate with machines.

It would also give people the capabilities to solve incredibly complex problems in a matter of seconds.

Johnson said: "I'd argue this is a necessity for the future and for our relevance.”

 “I'd argue this is a necessity for the future and for our relevance”
Bryan Johnson

This is due to fears mankind will potentially be useless in a world dominated by machines that can basically do most jobs.

He explained: "My definition of human is the fact that I can be anything.

"I consider myself to be cognitively impaired because I am limited by my biases, by my blind spots. I don't want the limitations, I don't want those constraints, I want to break open.

“What is everybody so scared about losing? Do we not spend our life trying to correct ourselves?

“I’m incredibly frustrated being human."

But according to Cnet, there are major concerns about the cutting-edge technology.

In 2014, neurologist Phil Kennedy experimented with implanting electrodes into his brain, which left him “locked-in” – a state of total body paralysis where the brain is still functioning.

He eventually made a full recovery.

But scientist Mikhail Lebedev predicts brain augmentation will soon be a widespread reality.

Earlier this year, he predicted it will be part of everyday life by 2030.


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