History made with world’s first takeaway delivered by ROBOT

A BYTE TO EAT Just Eat makes history with world’s first takeaway delivered by ROBOT

British woman astonished after answering her door to find that a delivery droid was carrying her kebab

BY JASPER HAMILL  1st December 2016, 11:40 am

A LONDONER has become the first person in the world to recieve a takeaway delivered by a ROBOT.

Simone, from Greenwich, ordered some grub from a local Turkish restaurant called Taksim Meze using the Just Eat app.

These sorts of robots will soon become a regular sight across Britain
But she was astonished when it turned up aboard a robot built by Starship Technologies.

Simone, a regular Just Eat Customer, said: “I couldn’t believe my eyes when I opened the door to find a robot waiting to greet me – it was like something out of a movie.

“It is really incredible to think that this kind of technology and service is now available. It was very efficient and actually texted me when it pulled up. The only thing I wasn’t sure of is whether or not to tip!”

People living in Greenwich may start to receive a similar shock in the coming months as the area will “increasingly be serviced by the technology“.

Ana Maria Stingaciu, manager of the takeway, said: “I am really proud Taksim Meze is the first restaurant to make a takeaway delivery using robot technology.

“Providing first–rate customer service is our top priority and with this added set of hands, or wheels I should say, we can focus our manpower in the kitchen.

“I am looking forward to utilising the technology during the busy festive season to help keep up with demand.”

Graham Corfield, UK Managing Director at Just Eat added: “We are delighted to add robot home delivery to the Just Eat service.

“Now that we are live in Greenwich, we’re working towards a larger rollout of the pilot program across London in the New Year.”

However, not everyone is as keen on the ideas of machines delivering takeaways.

Edmund King, president of the Automobile Association (AA), fears the delivery bots could end up running over human beings who are glued to their smartphones.

The AA boss fears they could pose a risk to hapless “smartphone zombies” who stalk our streets like the living dead, glued to their mobiles and ignoring everything around them.


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