If You Only Read The New York Times And Washington Post, You Have No Idea The Soros Leak Happened

If You Only Read The New York Times And Washington Post, You Have No Idea The Soros Leak Happened

By Peter Hasson Reporter, Associate Editor 8:48 AM 08/22/2016

On June 4, 2016, the New York Times editorial board wrote an article titled “Big Money Rearranges Its Election Bets.”

“Both parties are busy exploiting the power of barely regulated super PACs to accept unlimited six and seven-figure donations for candidates,” the editors wrote. “At the same time, campaigns are concealing the names of other rich donors in ‘dark money’ operations palmed off as tax exempt ‘social welfare’ agencies supposedly dedicated to doing good, not to bare knuckle politics.”

But two-and-a-half months later, when the internal workings of a powerful political network palmed off as a tax-exempt “social welfare” agency supposedly dedicated to doing good were released to the public — unveiling the big money ties to many of the left’s top social causes — the Times kept its readers in the dark.

Even as the Times ignored the major role Soros’s Open Society Foundations network has played in American policy-making, the paper wrote stories focusing on the role of wealthy donors in the Republican party.

Investor’s Business Daily wrote an editorial slamming the Times, CNN, CBS News and the Washington Post for remaining silent on the subject entirely.

The documents “provide juicy insider details of how a fabulously rich businessman has been using his money to influence elections in Europe, underwrite an extremist group, target U.S. citizens who disagreed with him, dictate foreign policy, and try to sway a Supreme Court ruling, among other things,” the editors wrote in an article titled “The Bizarre Media Blackout Of Hacked George Soros Documents.”

“We couldn’t find a single story on the New York Times, CNN, Washington Post, CBS News or other major news sites that even noted the existence of these leaked documents, let alone reported on what’s in them,” the editors noted. “Indeed, the only news organization that appears to be diligently sifting through all the documents is the conservative Daily Caller, which as a result has filed a series of eye-opening reports.”

By Sunday night, those news sites still hadn’t even acknowledged the existence of the leaked Soros documents, much less their content.

As noted by TheDC, the 14-member advisory board for OSF’s U.S. operations includes members of the media, as well as Ivy League professors, members of the Soros family and progressive activists.

Washington Post columnist Danielle Allen, for example, serves on OSF’s board. Steve Coll serves on the board as well. Coll is a staff writer for the New Yorker — which also has yet to mention the existence of the Soros hack — as well as the dean of Columbia’s journalism school.


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