U.S. Postal Service Hopes To Deliver More Junk Mail

September 20, 2012 9:07 PM

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Eighty-four billion pieces of junk mail were delivered to our doors last year – music to the ears of the U.S. Postal Service.

“We certainly have to fill in the void when it comes to revenue,” says the agency’s Tad Kelley

There’s been a huge recession-related decline in the volume of first class mail. The postal service hasn’t relied directly on taxpayer dollars since the early 80′s.

Cutting costs only goes so far in easing serious budget deficits, so the USPS is looking to junk mail as a rescue remedy to add more revenues.

“We’re talking about a national program where a company can take a look at direct mail from a 30-state or more perspective and say, ‘Can I reach more customers?’” Kelley said.

The postal service is planning to woo businesses and direct marketers with rebates and discounts to increase advertising mail.

Marketing studies do appear to back the idea that “junk mail” actually works.

“About 60 percent of Americans will act upon a hard copy piece of mail,” he said.

Customers seeing an upsurge in fliers and catalogs like Jason Peterson who lives in the Mexican War streets, look at it as a necessary evil.

“The thought of having more is not very appealing, but I think we could all agree that we do need the postal service,” he said.

Some cities oppose the extra unsolicited mail because they see increases in waste management costs.

Pittsburgh has not tracked that, but may look into those costs in the future according to the Mayor’s Office.

And, if one of those people who has a real aversion to junk mail, you can contact the Direct Marketing Association in New York and they will remove your name and address from some mailing lists.


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