Apple's Mixed Reality AR/VR Headset Faces Delays Due To Overheating, Cameras And Software

Apple's Mixed Reality AR/VR Headset Faces Delays Due To Overheating, Cameras And Software 


We regret to inform you that the transformation of your daily life into The Matrix has been delayed by several months, at least. The next big widely anticipated AR/VR release - a headset launch from Apple - appears to have run "head first" into a reality check. 

The company's planned mixed-reality headset product has been delayed by "at least a few months," according to a new Bloomberg report. The device had been planned for an unveiling at Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference in June. 

But Apple is now battling "development challenges related to overheating, cameras and software" that may have pushed the timeline for the product's release back from its late year 2022 expected date.

The headset, which hasn't been discussed publicly by the company, has been "years in the making", the report says, indicating it has been in development since as early as 2015. 

Apple's hope for the product is to produce a product more aesthetically pleasing than current AR goggles - most of which have flopped as commercial releases. VR headsets, however, have been slightly more successful. Numerous Apple Insider websites have referred to the project by the name "Apple Glass". 

The company expects its product will be an "expensive niche item", but will combine the functions of AR and VR headsets. 

Apple's 2023 developers conference will focus on virtual reality and augmented reality, the report says. This includes support for those features in iOS 16, slated to be unveiled in June. 

Apple is also working on a set of AR-only glasses that it hopes to debut "later this decade". The company is still working on solving problems related to temperature fluctuations due to the two processors that will be included in the device. 

The company reportedly has over 2,000 employees working on its AR and VR hardware. 

Meta is also working on a mixed-reality headset which will serve as competition for Apple.


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