65% Of American Workers Would Take A 5% Pay Cut To Be Able To Permanently Work From Home

65% Of American Workers Would Take A 5% Pay Cut To Be Able To Permanently Work From Home 


It looks like the idea of working from home is sticking.

In fact, Americans are so keen on continuing to work from home that they would even take pay cuts to do so, according to a new Bloomberg report. In addition to just taking a pay cut, many respondents to a new survey said they would also "give up days off or put in more hours" in order to be able to keep working from home.

And amidst a historic labor shortage brought about by the Federal government subsidizing the entire country to sit around and literally lock down, companies are being forced to pull out the incentives to try and get workers to return to the office. Some companies are handing out prizes or even providing things like free lunch, child care, or yoga classes.

Insurance company Breeze commissioned the survey, which revealed that 65% of Americans said they would take a pay cut of 5% to be able to work from home. Most people said they wouldn't give up more than 5% - but 15% of respondents said they'd be willing to give up as much as 25% of their salary to work remotely. 46% of respondents said they would give up 25% of their days off and 15% said they would give up "all paid time off" to work from home. 

For employees, it could make sense, especially when factoring in the cost of commuting. For companies, it could make sense because it is another cost reduction for many companies who are already choosing to eliminate office space, and the costs associated with the real estate. 

The survey included 1,000 people who said they were “employed or looking for work at a job that can be completed entirely remotely.”



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