"Historic Moment" - Meat Grown In Bioreactor Gets Approval In Singapore

"Historic Moment" - Meat Grown In Bioreactor Gets Approval In Singapore

by Tyler Durden Wed, 12/09/2020 - 22:05

California food company Eat Just Inc. won regulatory approval in Singapore last week to produce and sell lab-grown chicken meat, according to NYT.

Eat Just describes its lab-grown meat as "real, high-quality meat created directly from animal cells for safe human consumption."

On Dec. 2, the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) approved the meat for sale as an ingredient in chicken nuggets.

"This is a historic moment in the food system," Eat Just's chief executive, Josh Tetrick, told NYT in a telephone interview last week.

Tetrick said, "we've eating meat for thousands of years, and every time we've eaten meat, we've had to kill an animal — until now."

The approval process followed two years of discussion and review with SFA. The approval opens up the pathway for the first commercial sales of cell-cultured meat that is produced in a bioreactor.

Singapore's move is "the world's first regulatory approval for a cultivated meat product," said Elaine Siu, the managing director of the Good Food Institute Asia Pacific, a nonprofit group focused on promoting plant-based substitutes for animal products.

"Anyone in this field would know that this is the world's first because everyone has been waiting — and trying to lobby and fight for it — for the past few years," added Siu.

With the technology still in its infancy, producing chicken meat in bioreactors is extremely more expensive than raising livestock. The company plans to scale up the size of its bioreactors that would produce more lab-grown meat and drive down prices.

Tetrick wouldn't name the Singapore restaurant that would begin selling the cell-cultured meat. The company previously said a single chicken nugget costs about $50 to make.

While environmentalists have raised concerns that livestock produces a significant amount of the world's greenhouse gas emissions each year - a transition of the world's food supply, during the "global reset," to lab-grown meat could be part of the UN's Agenda 2030 masterplan of food sustainability.

It's likely, one day, we will all be eating fake meat, oh yes, and probably crickets.



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