Following deadly accidents, Apple offers $10 iPhone chargers on trade

Following deadly accidents, Apple offers $10 iPhone chargers on trade

Nidhi Subbaraman NBC News 4 hours ago

After two serious accidents in China linked to iPhone chargers, Apple is offering a swap-and-sale program for anyone who suspects their USB charger might be faulty.

Apple Stores and retailers will sell iPhone, iPad and iPod owners a $10 Apple-made charger when they bring in their device and existing USB wire, even if it's made by a third party. The offer starts on August 16 and is valid until October 18.

A flight attendant in China was killed by an electric shock after she reportedly answered a call on her iPhone 5, which may have been charging via a third-party device. In the same week, another accident left a 30-year old man in a coma after he received an electric shock while connecting his iPhone 4 to a third-party adapter. 

"Apple Retail and Apple Authorized Service Providers cannot advise you on the authenticity or safety of your adapter," Apple explains in the release — they'll simply hand you a new one. Though, the company does provide an online guide which explains how you can check whether the Apple charger you're using is authentic.


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