Internet Traffic to Quadruple by 2016

Enterprise Networking: Cisco: The Internet in 2016, by the Numbers
By Jeffrey Burt on 2012-05-31  

By 2016, traffic on the Internet will have quadrupled, hitting 1.3 zettabytes, according to Cisco Systems in its annual Visual Networking Index.

What does a zettabyte look like? It’s 1 followed by 21 zeros—or 1 trillion gigabytes—a massive amount of data coursing through the world’s private and public networks.

Driving all this growth are the usual suspects: the rapidly increasing number of connected devices that are getting on the networks, and the growing number of people who are using these devices—everything from desktop PCs and notebooks to tablets and smartphones—to get onto the Internet.

And these people are sending and receiving more video over networks that have gotten increasingly fast. Overall, the numbers from Cisco illustrate the world’s growing reliance on the Internet, the demand for fast, persistent connections and the ability to connect from any device at any time and from anywhere.

“We want to stay connected, need to be connected, both consumers and businesses,” Thomas Barnett, manager of service provider market at Cisco, told eWEEK.


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