Transformational Change Underway

Monumental technology implications for the way we interact and work into the future

By Ken Garen, CPA

Transformational change is all around us, compliments of rapid advancements in technology.  This monumental change is no secret; one does not need to look far beyond the incredible rise in popularity of downloading any of your favorite apps to access or run a business, or reading a daily update on the well-publicized decline of the U.S. Postal Service - which recently announced it could default, while also announcing they were cutting 120,000 jobs and pulling out their health-care plan and the potential stoppage of Saturday mail delivery.

Practitioners need to get infrastructure in place to take advantage of the amazing changes that have begun to impact even the most common workday tasks such as receiving and sending information to and from clients, and searching the Internet given the ongoing browser wars - as search effectiveness can speed or slow business productivity and effect your firms visibility to search engines on the Internet.  By keeping open to new ways of embracing technology and how business gets done, productivity can increase without driving costs up or sacrificing customer service. 

Practitioners should select Payroll and Write Up software that allows them the flexibility to be able to take advantage of new ways of conducting business as they evolve. This includes the ability to easily use the electronic data from clients in the order that the client has sent it in. Your software should be able to automatically "remember" how your clients send you data so the import of that data is a one-step process.  This is critical from a quality control perspective and for getting maximum productivity from your staff.  You need to be able to smoothly adapt to the way that your clients do business rather than asking them to change their information technology or business processes for the purpose of giving you critical information in the way that you need it.   

There are two must-have Payroll and Write Up software capabilities that should be highly sought-after by practitioners, including:

  1. Payroll and Write Up software with the proven ability to immediately adapt to changes as they come up in new operating system platforms, and
  2. Payroll and Write Up software technology that easily interfaces in a straight-forward way (data can be accepted in any order) with other software to allow for electronic cross-data pollination.
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