Alleged Dell Leak Outlines Every Upcoming Smartphone and Tablet

Sara Yin
February 17, 2011

Android Central has obtained two alleged product timelines for more than a dozen Dell tablets and smartphones.

To read the article and view the roadmap, click here

In the mix we spotted next-gen Windows 7, Windows 8, and Google Android's next build, 2.4, launching within the next 12 months:
Codenamed "Wrigley," Dell plans to launch a smartphone in mid-July 2011 equipped with "Windows 7 Next Gen," a 1GHz processor, 4" WGVA screen, 8 megapixel camera, and 720p video recording.

Dell Hancock, a smartphone earmarked for September 2011, looks equipped with Android's "Ice Cream" operating system only announced this week at Mobile World Congress. The OS looks to adopt Honeycomb's tablet-like capabilities for mobile phones.

Finally a "Windows 8" tablet, codenamed Peju, is scheduled for January 2012. Up to now, Microsoft hasn't officially uttered the phrase "Windows 8." But the timing of Peju does complement a leak fromMicrosoft's Dutch blog in October 2010, estimating the launch of Windows 8 in 2012.

In the roadmaps you'll also notice a couple already-launched products, such as the the "gorgeous"Dell Venue Pro smartphone and the underwhelming Dell Streak 7 tablet.,2817,2380513,00.asp


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