Exposed: 3 more bogus myths about the private cloud

David Linthicum's Cloud Computing blog:

Earlier this week, I described three bogus myths about the private cloud perpetuated by private-cloud vendors. But public-cloud vendors are doing their best to create FUD about their competitors, spreading bogus myths about private clouds -- which is causing confusion for IT.

So that you don't get fooled and waste countless dollars and hours pursuing a silly public cloud strategy rather than a sensible private-cloud strategy, here are the top three myths about the private cloud promulgated by the public cloud vendors. (For the record, both public clouds and private clouds are necessary. I'm favor of using each where it makes sense.)

Public cloud myth 1: Private clouds are not clouds at all

I get it: Private clouds are not consumed from an outside provider using massive amounts of IT resources that you don't own. Thus, it's difficult to say that private clouds provide the same elasticity and value as public clouds. Right? Wrong. There is no reason you can't build an IT architecture within the enterprise that takes advantage of the same design patterns and, thus, the value attributes of public clouds -- including elasticity.

Public cloud myth 2: Private clouds are just virtualized servers

The ability to be a cloud means you're doing much more than simple virtualization. This includes supporting a true multitenant architecture, use-based accounting, deep management, and auto-provisioning. These days, private clouds provide most of the features and functions of public clouds. Indeed, all public clouds but Amazon Web Services provide a private-cloud instance of their software.

Public cloud myth 3: Public clouds are always cheaper than private clouds

Although it's true that the ability to use applications, development platforms, and infrastructure from a pay-as-you-go subscription service seems cheaper than buying, installing, and supporting your own hardware and software, that's not always the case. You have to consider each offering, looking at all aspects of the cost over at least a three-year horizon. In many instances, public clouds are less expensive, but it's never "always cheaper." You would be surprised by how many times it's not.

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